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Wilson NCode Tennis Racquet Reviews – A Buyers’ Guide to Wilson N5 NCode Tennis Rackets

Wilson nCode tennis racquets has been a popular choice of tennis racquets of many tennis players. This tennis racquets has been specially designed to suit every tennis players including beginners and professional’s tennis players.

The Wilson nCode n5 tennis racquets structure is the brand new updated version of the Wilson n5 racquet series. To ensure the performance of the racquets, it has been made with the new Wilson’s nCode technology and the Wilson Triad technology for the racquet frame. With these improvements, the nCode n5 racquet quality has been greatly improved compared with the classic n5 racquets. Players can now enjoy the new racquets with the handle and the racquet head which are separated by a thin strip of iso-zord material which provide smoother and softer feels while using this tennis racquet.

In addition all Wilson n5 nCode racquets uses Nanofoam inside the frame, this stiffens the frame for better control with vibration absorption functions. With the combination of 3 advance technology from Wilson, therefore nCode tennis racquet provide tennis players with both great control, good feel, and play comfort.

Below are the Wilson nCode n5 Tennis Racquet Specifications:

Head Size:110 sq.in/ 710 sq.cm

Length: 27.25 in / 69 cm

Strung Weight: 9.7 oz.

Balance: 10 pts Head Heavy

Swing Weight: 329

Beam Width: 26.5 mm Dual Taper Volcanic Beam

Composition: nCoded Hyper Carbon, nCoded Graphite

Power Level: Medium

Swing Speed: Moderate

Grip Type: Micro Dry Comfort

String Pattern: 16 Main / 20 Crosses

String Tension: 53-63 lbs.

Suitability Level: Suitable for both intermediate beginners players.

Wilson’s company has done a lot of research of improving the tennis racquets to make it more playable and comfortable. This is what n5 tennis racquet series made off. Tennis players will start to enjoy it after first attempt to use this racquets and some players even play for hours using nCode n5 tennis racquet.

The racquet is light weight but has the swing power and stability of a heavier racquet due to it’s heavier racquet head. Since it is light it is also suitable for defensive tennis players.

Wilson nCode n5 tennis racquets usually comes with shinning red and black colors.

Source by Raymond Teh

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