To Infinergy and Outside of: Assessment of the Dunlop CX two hundred Tour 18×20


Because partnering with Srixon a few yrs ago, Dunlop has been steadily manufacturing large top quality frames throughout a number of participant groups. Kevin Anderson has grow to be the facial area of the franchise and the time has come for Dunlop to update his racquet of selection. The new Dunlop Srixon CX two hundred Tour 18×20 carries in excess of numerous of the previous CX two. Tour’s specs with some new know-how updates. Dunlop works by using a more responsive foam, Infinergy from BASF, strategically positioned all over the hoop for 37% much better vibration reduction than the unique Sonic Core. Electrical power Grid String Tech widens the cross string spacing at the prime of the hoop for enhanced spin manufacturing and response in region most players make make contact with. The new model retains the leather grip for a headlight stability and company bevel sense. Aimed squarely at supporters of common participant frames, I experienced to see how this newest model from the Dunlop Srixon partnership fared out on the court docket.



Close up of Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18x20 Tennis Racquet

Precision was the title of the activity from the back of the court docket with the CX two hundred Tour. The compact 95 inch head supplied laser like targeting and I was equipped to strike all my spots from the two wings. The 20.5 mm did not convey a large amount of energy to the party, inspite of the eleven.six oz strung fat, so players would need to have to come organized to supply their very own. I undoubtedly missed the easy energy of my standard racquet when hoping to create depth and keep in advance in baseline rallies. Taking part in a softer string and decreasing the pressure would have it’s possible supplied a tiny little bit of added pop. While the racquet was much better on flat hitting, spin manufacturing was incredibly strong for an eighteen x 20 string pattern.

The broader spacing at the prime of the hoop gave a little bit of added string motion on make contact with. The very headlight stability also authorized me to whip the head by way of make contact with and acquire a little bit of added spin on the two sides. I identified I experienced to be very strong with my timing to get the most out of the CX two hundred Tour as the more compact head dimension did not present a large amount of forgiveness on off center shots and mishits. But being equipped to line a ball up flawlessly and drop it on a dime in the opposing corner set a smile on my facial area every single time.


Volleys & Serves

Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18x20 beam view

Volleying with the CX two hundred Tour was the one best facet of my playtest. The racquet proved to be completely surgical at web. The compact head and snappy stability authorized to me to soar in front of any volley trade. The scalpel like precision permit me set volleys wherever I needed to and rewarded aggression with volleys that almost never came back. The slim beam and lower 60s flex ranking designed contact and drop volleys easy to execute. I was equipped to vary my volleys from drives in to the corners to evenly feathered drops and all the things between. The decreased headsize didn’t offer you significantly forgiveness if I was late or mishit the volley, but the strong fat did offer you superior security when I experienced to struggle off challenging shots at the web.

Serving with the CX two hundred Tour proved to be a tiny more hard. I seriously missed the easy energy of most modern body patterns when stepping to the baseline to provide. The body experienced respectable more than enough energy, but it just was not at the degree to snag me as numerous free of charge details as my standard setup. Exactly where the racquet did shine was spot serving. There was excellent directional command so I was equipped concentrate on seriously aggressive spots with my provide and locate good results, even if they didn’t pack as significantly warmth. The capacity to vary the provide location very easily supplied a little bit of a counter place to the decreased energy degree. There was not as significantly entry to spin for kick and slice serves. The more open up prime of the pattern and capacity to snap the head by way of the prime of my motion gave me more than enough to preserve second serves from being feasted on, but I couldn’t use them as a weapon as significantly as typical.



The CX two hundred Tour ongoing Dunlop’s trend of using modern know-how to deliver common sense. The up-to-date Infinergy foam did an impressive occupation of absorbing vibration with out robbing the racquet of sense on make contact with. I also savored the way I could sense the body flex on impact and seriously pocket the ball. Off center shots have been felt a tiny more, but it was not everything that was a main destructive. It’s been in excess of a calendar year since I employed a leather grip so my fingers undoubtedly weren’t employed to the company sense and immediate feed-back it supplied anymore. Gamers who really don’t typically use leather may perhaps want to swap for a artificial of similar fat.



Fans of common participant frames will locate their content spot with this most recent providing from Dunlop Srixon. It offers exact targeting, a managed, lower energy response and dynamite web general performance. All of this is packaged in an fantastic sensation, really nimble body design. The new Dunlop Srixon CX two hundred Tour should get a serious glance from any potent, sophisticated participant who needs to assault from the initially ball and command the front of the court docket.


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About the Writer: Matt Locke at this time serves as the Junior Packages & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an energetic USTA League and Match participant.


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