Racquet Evaluation of the Week: Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro

Superior players on the lookout for anything that hits with authority and creativity have a new alternative with the introduction of the new Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro. Updated for 2019, Head has strategically added Graphene 360 to the shaft and head for increased electric power and improved stability. This model of Graphene also utilizes considerably less of the vibration dampening Kraibon from the earlier Graphene Contact, permitting for a greater linked feel that nonetheless absorbs vibration. The Dynamic String Sample adjusts the string spacing across the string bed for a mix of electric power and handle.  Prolonged time Radical players will also have to have to alter to the fact that Head has ditched its standard grip form on the Radical in favor of adopting the similar deal with form from the Speed model line. Here’s a look at how this update to the Radical Pro carried out on the court docket.

Head Radical Pro image from Head website


The 360 Radical Pro made available loads of artillery off the ground. At eleven.5 ounces strung, it packed a even larger punch than its lighter MP sibling. I was able to hit with sufficient tempo and depth off of each wings. The twenty/23/21 mm beam and a little bit firmer RA made electric power easily although nonetheless presenting me the capacity to maintain it reigned in. The 98 inch head experienced a sound sweet place and I didn’t discover any spectacular electric power outages on off middle balls. The greater body weight designed effortless function of balls still left limited in the court docket and I savored its capacity to flatten out mid court docket photographs. Directional handle was greater with the Pro than the MP and I was able to continuously hit toward the lines enjoy aggressively. Spin manufacturing was on par with what I predicted from the Dynamic 16 x 19 sample. The racquet was headlight ample for me to add the head pace vital for further spin. I savored remaining able to lift the ball on my backhand and enjoy with some extra margin when stretched on that side. Stability was improved despite the fact that the racquet nonetheless felt like it was lacking a little bit of spine in the center of it (reliable with nearly all the Graphene designs I’ve experimented with). This problem could’ve been improved if I experienced added the optional CAP grommet program.

Head Radical Pro side view

Volleys & Serves

At web, the 360 Radical Pro rewarded intense enjoy. The racquet experienced effortless electric power for building speedy function of any ball I attacked. The body was also really maneuverable and I was continuously able to get it into the suitable place through fast hearth web exchanges. Stability was greater with this model but it nonetheless experienced a minor little bit of flutter when deflecting difficult hit balls. The maneuverability and controllable electric power allowed me to select intense targets with reliable achievement. I identified it more durable to execute touch volleys as the stiffness and dampened feel designed me a little bit much too disconnected from the ball to carry out all those photographs with self-confidence.    

The Graphene 360 Radical Pro rewarded intense serving. I identified it effortless to accelerate and it rewarded major swings with loads of tempo and court docket penetration. When I slowed my swing pace, the body was a minor a lot more erratic and still left me vulnerable to intense returns. The Radical Pro experienced great precision and I was able to blend areas all around the box when serving from either side. Spin for my 2nd provide was effortless to access and the Pro gave some severe bite to my slice provide. I was able to slide it way vast in the ad court docket and assault the open court docket from the to start with ball. With its blend of tempo, depth and spin, the 360 Radical Pro was a robust performer when I desired a critical maintain.

Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro tennis racquet

Truly feel/Ease and comfort

When the 360 Radical Pro was a lot more responsive than the earlier Graphene Contact model, I nonetheless identified it much too be a little bit much too muted for my flavor. The Kraibon dampening product admirably soaked up vibration but confined how properly I could feel the ball on the string bed. This led to considerably less self-confidence in imaginative shot building, which has been the contacting card of the Radical line. The added stability of the Pro gave it some extra consolation and I identified the racquet to be even in its reaction across the string bed. When arm sensitive players could vary their string form and tension, the further body weight of the Pro designed it the a lot more relaxed Radical for me in my enjoy test.


Huge hitting players who favor an all-court docket game will get pleasure from the Graphene 360 Radical Pro. It boasts electric power and court docket penetration from the baseline and a maneuverable mother nature at the web. It may not be the gold medalist in feel, but it presents ample versatility to be unsafe from any region of the court docket. The new Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro need to please state-of-the-art players on the lookout for managed electric power, effortless spin and a rapidly, effortless to swing reaction.



Matt Locke HeadshotAbout the Writer: Matt Locke formerly served for three several years as the Junior Courses & Improvement Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5+ League and Event player. He loves Nadal’s resolve, but secretly needs he experienced Federer’s effortless fashion.



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