People to the Electricity: Wilson Extremely one hundred V3. Racquet Overview


Wilson has been riding a very hot streak as of late with the introduction of the Clash line and the revised Blade line each remaining properly gained. It is now time for Wilson to established their sights on updating the Extremely lineup. The mainstay Extremely one hundred v3. has 3 important technological innovation updates that Wilson suggests choose its electric power to the subsequent level. An Inverted Electricity Rib geometry in the throat provides reduced twisting and a much more stable come to feel on get hold of. This effect is complemented by the Built-in Perimeter Weighting Technique in the sides of the head. At 3 and nine o’clock Wilson has added Sweet Location Channels which elongate the cross strings for included electric power and response. I earlier tested before versions of the Extremely so I was keen to see how this up to date edition would measure up.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3.0 Tennis Racquet


Wilson’s tagline for the new Extremely, “People to the Power” is on target. I identified the Extremely one hundred v3 to be immensely highly effective. It’s 24/26/23 mm beam width and seventy two RA put together to make it explosively highly effective from the back again of the court. I experienced no problems making large electric power off either wing. If anything at all, I identified it challenging at occasions to control the easily created pop. The body reminded me a lot of the TFlash CES from Tecnifibre. Both of those have chunky beam widths whose electric power can get absent from you if you aren’t watchful. For me, even bigger swings equaled better effects. It was when I slowed my swing speed or did not get all the way around the major of the ball that shots tended to sail. If I experienced large racquet head speed and obtained around on the ball, the final result was typically a weighty, deeply positioned shot. The eleven.1 oz strung excess weight applied a superior sum of mass powering the ball, producing a rarity to strike small in the court. The sixteen x 19 string sample produced it straightforward to obtain spin on groundies. I was easily in a position to combine racquet head spin and the open sample to make top and action on my groundstrokes. I appreciated the more elevate the Extremely gave to my fairly flat backhand. Security was above average for its excess weight class. The Ultra’s geometry and design appeared to preserve it solidly stable towards large hitters and it did not choose considerably to return their shots with curiosity. My favored backcourt shot with the Extremely one hundred was snapping off useless run, DTL forehands for the reason that of how speedy the body came all over and the explosive electric power it set on even defensive balls.


Volleys & Serves

No person was likely to mistake the Extremely one hundred v3 for a organic born web body, but it executed capably at the front of the court. The reasonable excess weight and somewhat headlight harmony permitted me to placement the body easily. I felt the beam condition and thickness did make it come to feel a little bit clunky at occasions, but I stayed in front of much more speedy exchanges than not. The straightforward electric power produced any volley remaining up for me a breeze to finish off. I was in a position to travel volleys deep into the corners with speed. If anything at all, I experienced to steer clear of remaining to informal as that was when volleys would sail a little bit much more than intended. The business response produced contact volleys a little bit tougher to pull off, but the body compensated by producing it so straightforward to finish details with one particular volley. The steadiness of the Extremely one hundred shined all over again at web. I never felt like it obtained pushed all over by large shots and it absorbed much more than its fair share of tempo when up at the web.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Throat

Serving with the Extremely one hundred v3 was an exercising in breaking out the growth adhere. It felt like it was born for one particular thing and one particular thing only: blasting large serves. It took me a little bit to uncover my array with the large electric power level. As soon as I did even though, my initially serve felt like if it was in, it was a certain ace/service winner. It hammered flat serves with effortless tempo and depth. Precision focusing on was not its sturdy suit, but it did not need to have to be. If I was any where close to my target, I was in superior condition for the level. Second serves were being also enjoyable with the Extremely. It created loads of kick and bounced large up off the court, out of returners strike zones. It was a little bit considerably less efficient on slice serves, I felt it lacked the mass to actually skid them out extensive. In the close, I did not actually notice for the reason that I was far too busy hitting flat heaters or large leaping kick serves to notice.


Come to feel/Comfort

The Extremely came throughout as a firmly produced body constructed for the modern-day baseline video game. The large RA value intended the ball came rocketing off the string mattress, spending really minimal time on it. Players who favor fragile shot producing and loads of ball pocketing are not who the Extremely was primarily constructed for. The new body did not adapt the Absolutely free/Come to feel Flex tech from the Clash and Blade strains, so it felt definitively stiffer than either of those. I did not uncover it far too harsh, but it was stiffer than I favor. Players with arm sensitivities would want to make the most of a softer string and/or minimize tension in get to mitigate potential arm challenges with the racquet.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Laying Down Flat


Former lovers of Wilson’s Extremely line will come to feel appropriate at property with the new update. It boasts amazing, straightforward electric power in an straightforward to swing bundle. It hits with authority from the baseline and transitions properly to the front court. Add in the skill to get ample totally free details on serve, and it is a hazardous modern-day body. The new Wilson Extremely one hundred v3. absolutely places electric power in the hands of the folks who wield it and they will reap the benefits on court.

Matt Locke HeadshotAbout the Author: Matt Locke previously served for 3 many years as the Junior Courses & Progress Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. He is a PTR qualified mentor and is an active USTA four.five+ League and Event participant. He enjoys Nadal’s dedication, but secretly needs he experienced Federer’s effortless type.



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