Mizuno womens Wave Sky 6 Running Shoe, Black-quicksilver, 8.5 US

Price: $170.00

: Delivering unrivaled resiliency and unparalleled softness, this revolutionary technology promises to elevate comfort levels and provide the necessary spring for optimal performance.
: With its remarkable versatility and unwavering softness and resilience, this cutting-edge foam ensures enhanced performance capabilities in various applications.
: Engineered to perfection, the MIZUNO WAVE plate effectively disperses energy from impacts across a wider surface area, fostering a stable platform and exceptional cushioning.
: Crafted from durable carbon rubber, the X10 Outsole guarantees extended wear, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting performance.
: Designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability, the Stretch Woven Upper offers a perfect fit and enhances overall comfort.

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