Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe, Amparo Blue/White, 8.5

Price: $134.99

MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): With versatility in its application, MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM) offers softness and resilience to enhance performance capabilities. It retains its softness and bounce, providing an optimal experience.
MIZUNO WAVE: The MIZUNO WAVE plate disperses impact energy across a wider area, offering a stable platform and superior cushioning. This technology ensures a comfortable and supportive ride.
U4ic Midsole: The U4ic Midsole not only reduces shock and offers durability, but also provides a superior ride. This lightweight innovation delivers impressive responsiveness and resilience.
X10 Outsole: The X10 Outsole is made of durable carbon rubber, allowing for longer wear. This reliable material ensures the shoes’ longevity even after repeated use.
Engineered Mesh Upper: Designed for high performance, the Engineered Mesh Upper offers a balance of breathability and durability. This ensures that your feet stay comfortable and supported throughout your activities.

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