K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Supreme Tennis Shoe, Angel Blue/Sheer Lilac/Brilliant White, 5 M

Price: $134.80

AOSTA 7.0 RUBBER COMPOUND: The outsole of the AOSTA 7.0 is made from a high-density rubber compound, ensuring exceptional durability from the heel to the toe.

DURAWRAP Flex: We have used DURAWRAP Flex, a lightweight yet durable material in the construction of this shoe. This material not only provides protection but also allows for flexibility, eliminating the need for a break-in period.

DRAGGUARD 7.0: To enhance the durability of the shoe in high wear areas, we have added the DRAGGUARD 7.0 technology to the toe and heel. This feature offers superior resistance to wear and tear.

SURGE 7.0: Our shoe incorporates the SURGE 7.0 technology, a lightweight premium cushioning system. This system provides maximum energy return, ensuring a comfortable and responsive feel during use.

180 PSC PLANTAR: A key feature of this shoe is the 180 PSC PLANTAR, a thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis that enhances stability in the mid-foot area. This chassis provides additional support and helps maintain proper foot alignment.

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