How to Attract Men in One Easy Step

In this hurried world of instant gratification, where people’s lives are filled with essentially meaningless tasks, no one believes that he or she has time for the ancient traditions of courtship and dating. Unfortunately, for exactly the same reasons, the need for real, human interaction is at its highest.

No matter how electronic our world becomes, people will always congregate and socialize. And when the backlash hits, and people finally realize how important that is, it will once again become the most effective method of meeting new people.

Some women have a problem, however, with men not approaching them because they are intimidated by her beauty. If you are such, there is a way to get a head start on the returning traditions and enticing men to approach you. You can learn to attract men wherever you go by doing this one, simple thing:

1. Take off your shoes.

Yes. That’s it. Go barefoot through your daily routine of shopping, getting coffee or whatever else it is that you do, and men will be approaching you in droves.

If you are trying to attract a man, you can take the mass-marketing route – buying fancy make-up, wearing expensive jewelry and designer clothes – or you can do this one simple thing which costs nothing, but will set you apart from every other woman in the place.

Anyone can go out and buy the latest perfume, shoes and designer jeans. Punching holes in yourself or getting permanent stains on your skin is not unique, either. But, how often do you see a woman walking down the mall or sitting at the coffee shop barefooted?

Going barefoot will allow you to stand out from all of the other women who look basically the same with their pink flip-flops or their black tennis shoes.

This simple technique is not only useful for getting a man’s attention. It also helps shy men overcome their fear of approaching you.

Being barefoot shows that you are relaxed and comfortable. No one wants to approach someone who is tense and uptight, which seems to be so many people’s default state these days. But, if you were tense and uptight, you certainly wouldn’t be lounging around the bookstore in your bare feet.

It also makes you look more free-spirited. Free spirits tend to be open-minded and free of prejudice, so it makes you seem much more approachable.

The best part of this technique is that it can be used with any outfit.

Just coming back from the gym? Great! You’d be surprised how sexy sweatpants and a T-shirt can be when combined with bare feet.

Dressing up to look your best? You’re covered there, too. No man is going to deny the appeal of a woman dressed to the hilt in a fashionable gown, with beautifully polished, matching toenails on her otherwise bare feet. Add a stylish anklet, and it’s dynamite!

If you feel strange, you can get two of those toe rings that are shaped like little flip-flops. Wear one on a toe of each foot. That way, if anyone seems to disapprove, you can tell them that you are, in fact, wearing shoes.

Alternatively, you can wear what are called “barefoot sandals.” They are shoes, of a sort, but they are still unique enough to keep the appeal going.

Neither of those accessories are necessary, however. It is a common misconception that you are required to wear shoes in public places like stores or restaurants. There are actually no such regulations.

Private organizations may ask that their patrons wear shoes, but beautiful women can get away with anything. Just go in barefoot, and if someone tells you to get some shoes, you know he isn’t the man you were trying to attract. Watch in amusement as the other men eager to meet you crowd him out.

Source by Matthew J. Cole

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