Head Heavy, Head Light and Even Balanced Tennis Racquets

If you have ever seemed at the specs of a tennis racquet, be it in tablature form on a web-site, or printed on the throat of the racquet in a retailer, you are going to have noticed specs these kinds of as “8 PTS Head Light”, “2 PTS Head Heavy” or “320mm balance”. 
These figures relate to the harmony of a tennis racquet, and a body can fall into just one of the next groups:

Head Light
Head Hefty
Even Well balanced

But what variation does the harmony make? Is head significant better than head mild, or vice versa? What do the professionals use? Let us just take a seem.

What is the Equilibrium of a Tennis Racquet?

The harmony of a racquet relates to how bodyweight is dispersed throughout the body and in which that bodyweight is located. 
The harmony point by itself is the point on the racquet in which if it was resting on a skinny piece of 50 %-inch dowel on a desk, neither the head of the racquet or the deal with would be touching the surface of the desk. If you have ever tried to harmony a pen horizontally on the suggestion of your finger, this the same concept.
Going again to racquets, if you have a typical 27″ tennis racquet, and rest it on a piece of dowel at 13.5″ and it balances, then the racquet is stated to have an even harmony.
If you desired to move the dowel nearer to the head of the racquet to get it to harmony, this would be a head significant racquet. If you desired the to move it nearer to the deal with, this would be a head mild body.
Whilst the names make it audio like the deal with would be heavier than the hoop, this does not basically necessarily mean just one end is lighter or heavier than the other.
It just indicates that mass of the products is dispersed in a way that the shorter 50 % of the racquet (in relation to the dowel or whatsoever pivot you are applying) behaves heavier. Lower bodyweight at a wonderful length from the harmony point will counter harmony a heavier mass at a lesser length from the harmony point.
The 3 Racquet Equilibrium Types Spelled out

If most of the bodyweight is concentrated in the deal with of the racquet, then the racquet will be described as head-mild. Whereas, if far more bodyweight is concentrated in the head, it is identified as head-significant.
If the distribution is in the center it is identified as even balanced. But let’s split down every single just one and seem at the benefits and down sides.
Head Light Tennis Racquets

With head mild racquets, the bodyweight of the racquet is better towards the deal with and this allows make the racquet far more manoeuvrable.
Usually talking they are likely to be heavier in static bodyweight than head significant frames to ensure they are ready to deliver sufficient power.
You will locate that ninety nine.ninety nine% of ATP professionals use a head mild racquet and to my awareness, there just isn’t a single player in the prime 100 that is not applying a head mild (or at the extremely the very least evenly balanced) body.
The rationale in this article is two fold, most professionals are enjoying with limited, quick swings and require their racquet to be effortless to swing in quick paced rallies and up at the internet.
Their technique and racquet head velocity necessarily mean they have no concern generating power so it helps make small perception to wield a thing that is head significant and produces far more power than desired.
The other crucial element in this article is injuries avoidance. When far more mass is positioned in the head of the racquet, you happen to be making use of far more torque on the joints of the system. This can direct to wrist and elbow challenges.
Consider swinging a racquet that has far more bodyweight in the head like an axe for 3 hours each individual day of the week, and you are going to before long realise why they usually are not great on the arm.
Head Hefty Racquets

Head significant racquets see far more of the bodyweight dispersed in the head of the racquet. This offers a racquet far more power opportunity as there is far more mass immediately guiding the ball at get hold of.
In common, head significant racquets have a lessen static bodyweight than a head mild body. At initially glance, this typically seems like a great thing, you can get a lighter racquet that offers far more power than a heavier, head mild body.
On the other hand there are some significant trade offs. For starters, a head significant racquet is significantly fewer manouverable than a head mild body. 
They are more durable to swing and more durable to handle. If you play with just one that’s really biased in direction of the head, it feels like the racquet is managing you.
For an extraordinary instance, swing an axe in the regular way, then flip it all over and swing it by holding it from the blade end, you will promptly see how significantly far more manouverable it is.
The next is the rationale I described over – accidents. Head significant racquets put significantly far more pressure on the wrist, elbow and shoulder. This is why you see handful of (if any) prime gamers applying them.
In point, Carlos Moya is the only player I know of who’s specs came in head significant. If you know any other folks, enable me know  in the comments.
So if no professionals are applying them who are head significant racquets for? In my feeling, not several gamers are going to be effectively suited to head significant frames.
They are typically sold as rookie frames as they give effortless access to power, but why give a rookie a piece of machines that stops them establishing right strokes and raises their odds of suffering tennis-relevant accidents. It won’t truly make perception.
To that end, they are only truly appropriate for gamers who are struggling to generate their have power. Which is why some older gamers with slower swings are likely to go for head significant to ensure they can strike the ball with sufficient rate to get it about the internet regularly.
Even Well balanced Racquets

A balanced, or equal harmony racquet, is just one in which the bodyweight of the tennis racquet is dispersed equally throughout the body. It would harmony at 13.5″ assuming it was a typical 27″ racquet and be points head mild.
So does this convey the finest of both worlds? A racquet that offers a lot of power in the head, but is continue to effortless sufficient to swing?
To some gamers, this may be the situation. But it boils down to private desire. I personally locate even balanced racquets to sit in no man’s land. They are continue to quite challenging to swing immediately after enjoying for prolonged periods and in some ways it really is like you nullified the positive aspects of head mild or head significant. So for me the sweetspot has normally been no fewer than four PTS HL.
When there are some professionals that are applying shut to even harmony frames, the broad greater part use head mild balances and I feel that has to inform you a thing. 
There is a bit of a minsconception all over certain gamers too, several admirers for instance feel Sampras used an even harmony racquet becaus he included direct at three and 9 on the racquet.
On the other hand his body was was six points head mild and I will not feel you could volley like Sampras with an even or head significant racquet. 
Data like this commonly stems for small tidbits shared in commentary like “Rafa has included bodyweight to the head of his racquet” which promptly helps make you feel he’s applying a head significant body. This is not the situation as the bodyweight is typically counterbalanced with a tailweight.
How To Evaluate the Equilibrium of a Tennis Racquet

There are 3 ways you can evaluate the harmony of point of a tennis racquet:

Using an RDC Equipment or equivalent
Using a harmony board (pictured over)
Using a Diy system (defined in this article)

If you happen to be just searching for a swift examination, without having obtaining a measurment in centimetres and then converting to points, just attempt to harmony the racquet on your finger, you are going to promptly be ready to see in which the bias is.
On the other hand, if you want a far more specific system then can use just one of the 3 strategies over. Check out the movie below to see the harmony board system:

This offers you a measurement in inches or centimetres. You can then compare that to the chart below get a ‘points’ head mild or head significant selection. 
How Does the Head Light Factors System Operate?
Just about every ‘point’ of harmony is one/8″ either towards the head or towards the deal with from the racquet’s measured midway point.
A typical 27″ racquet’s mid point is at 13.5″, so if that body is 8 points HL, the harmony point will be twelve.5″ from the end of the grip. If the same 27″ racquet is four points head-significant, its harmony point will be fourteen.0″ from the base of the grip.
The next desk applies to a typical 27″ racquet:
ten Factors HH
fourteen.seventy five
9 Factors HH
8 Factors HH
seven Factors HH
36.fifty one
six Factors HH
5 Factors HH
fourteen.a hundred twenty five
four Factors HH
35.fifty six
three Factors HH
two Factors HH
13.seventy five
one Issue HH
34.sixty one
Factors HL
one Issue HL
33.ninety seven
two Factors HL
three Factors HL
13.a hundred twenty five
four Factors HL
5 Factors HL
six Factors HL
twelve.seventy five
seven Factors HL
8 Factors HL
31.seventy five
9 Factors HL
ten Factors HL
eleven Factors HL
twelve.a hundred twenty five
twelve Factors HL
13 Factors HL
How Equilibrium Has an effect on Swingweight

Two racquets that weigh the same (have the same static bodyweight on a scale) may have extremely distinctive swingweights since of the way the mass is dispersed. A lot more mass to the head of the racquet, these kinds of as by including direct tape, will enhance the swingweight.
Choose a seem at the two racquets below of identical specs aside from their harmony. There’s an 11g variation in swingweight:
Head Gravity MP Graphene 360+
Wilson Clash 100
Head Dimension
100 sq. in
100 sq. in
27 in
27 in
Strung Pounds
three PTS HL
seven PTS HL
Swing Pounds
Examples of Head Light Racquets
Listed here are some of the most head mild frames you can get in stock form:
Examples of Head Hefty Racquets
And some of the far more extraordinary head significant racquets you can get.
Head Titanium TI.S6
Wilson Triad XP3
six PTS HH
Head Graphene 360 Intuition PWR
ten PTS HH
Gamma RZR Bubba Racquets
seven PTS HH
Prince Textreme Warrior 100L
Examples of Even Equilibrium Racquets
Finally, even harmony. Anything at all under four PTS HL fits into the far more even harmony classification of body.
Babolat Pure Aero Lite
0pts EB
ProKennex Ki fifteen (260)
0pts EB
Prince Textreme Leading a hundred and five
1pts HL
Wilson Burn off 100S
1pts HL
Babolat Pure Generate 110 (2018)
1pts HL
How To Change The Equilibrium of a Tennis Racquet

The harmony of the racquet can be altered in a selection of ways these kinds of as by including direct tape to the head, or by injecting silicon in to the deal with.
Some gamers pick out to do this on their own or as an alternative use a expert racquet customisation organization like Priority1 who seem immediately after quite a few prime professionals together with Federer. We’ll be searching at how to customise a tennis racquet in an forthcoming submit.
What is Much better: Head Light or Head Hefty?

When it comes to the harmony of a racquet, there is no doubt about it: head mild is better.
A head-mild racquet has noticeably lessen forces from affect. Torque and shock on the shoulder, elbow and wrist are all lessened. All whilst the racquet can continue to possess a substantial mass and substantial swing bodyweight. Head-significant racquets, on the other hand, enhance the hazard of tennis elbow since of their substantial Moment and substantial torque.
An additional rationale head mild wins the day is manoeuvrability, the racquet is far more cozy to situation for volleys and returns, and is not significant to swing all afternoon.
When there is no doubt some gamers out there will desire to head significant frames I will not see them as a practical possibility for the broad greater part of gamers.
What harmony of racquet do you use? Does it play a significant section when you get a racquet? Allow me know in the comments.

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