FAQs About Stringing Your Tennis Racquet

Stringing your tennis racquet can be an overwhelming chore, in particular if you do not know in which to go or what to search for. Luckily nevertheless, at Tennis Convey, we have more than 20 USRSA Accredited Stringers that are here to help reply all of your stringing concerns. Beneath are some often asked concerns, that can help you with your sport.

one. What rigidity and/or string is finest for me?

This is a loaded dilemma and it will genuinely pertain to various unique variables. How usually do you perform? How usually do you crack strings? What racquet do you use? What is your swing model? Do you hit with a great deal of spin? Manufacturers will usually give you solutions on what rigidity and strings you must use, but it’s just a commencing position. Strings are genuinely meant to enhance your taking part in qualities. So you want to come across a string that is effective effectively with your sport and can be altered to unique tensions. Increased string tensions will usually outcome in far more management, although reduce string tensions will usually outcome in far more power. Just try to remember that the rigidity and string you use will constantly impact the way you perform. You want to make absolutely sure you are obtaining the proper results out of that string, so you can stay self-assured. The current pattern with stiffer strings (polyester, kevlar,and so on.) is to string them reduce (45-fifty lbs .), although normal gut or multifilament strings can be strung tighter (55-sixty five lbs .) and keep solid ease and comfort.

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2. Do I need to have to use the same branded string as my racquet?

NO! Using the same branded string as your racquet is not a penned law and is surely not enforced. A lot of players use the suggested string(s) from the manufacturer, but it’s not the only reply to come across the finest string for your sport. The only way you will know is if you exam quite a few unique strings throughout numerous brands.


three. Why am I obtaining arm or tennis elbow troubles?

This is most likely owing to a mix of stiff strings with a significant string rigidity, and overuse of the elbow area when you perform. This is extremely prevalent among the players these days because of monofilament co-polyester tennis strings. Monofilament strings are found on tour as getting the finest string for management and toughness having said that, what quite a few players do not know is they are extremely organization and require speedy racquet head velocity continuously. The to start with concerns to inquire by yourself if you are obtaining tennis elbow troubles are: how usually am I taking part in and what style of string/rigidity did I very last string my racquets at? If you are taking part in six days a 7 days and using RPM Blast 15L strung at 60 lbs, you are most likely not performing by yourself any good. The to start with actions to choose are rest your entire body, reduce your string rigidity 4-five lbs ., and try out a softer string building. Indeed, I know most men and women want to perform like their preferred professionals, but it does not do you any good if you are looking at from the sidelines and needing cortisone pictures each and every 7 days.


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4. Why did my string crack in a odd location on my racquet?

There could be a few unique variables building your string crack in odd spots alongside your tennis racquet.

  1. Free/cracked grommet or head guard. Frequently players do not consider about the plastic grommets that maintain our strings in location and continue to keep them from breaking prematurely. When your head guard and grommet is on the lookout scuffed, cracked or breaking off your frame, then it’s surely time to exchange it.
  2. Cracked racquet frame. If you have at any time thrown your racquet on the floor in stress or hit one thing that wasn’t a tennis ball, you could need to have to examine the point out of your racquet frame. You’ll be astonished how quickly some frames can build cracks and alter how you can string your racquet the following time around.
  3. Weak location in the string. Believe it or not, often you can get weak spots in the string even when its just been sitting down around your household for awhile. Outside the house factors can alter the string’s building and cause it to unfastened some of its toughness.

Rafael Nadal breaks string during 2015 Australian Open practice (Jan. 13, 2015 - Source: Michael Dodge/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Rafael Nadal breaks a string throughout follow at the 2015 Australian Open up (Jan. 13, 2015 – Resource: Michael Dodge/Getty Pictures AsiaPac)

five. When must I restring my tennis racquet?

This will change from player to player as it relies upon on the style of abuse you put on your tennis racquet. The standard rule of thumb is as follows: How at any time usually you are taking part in a 7 days, is normally how usually you must get your racquet restrung throughout the year. For case in point if you perform 4 instances a 7 days, you are on the lookout to get your racquet restrung at minimum three-4 instances a year. If you like polyester strings, you must know they eliminate rigidity a lot quicker and must be restrung far more often. If you are heading to perform tournaments, we suggest restringing just before each and every tournament so you can perform you are finest tennis. For league, significant school or college teams, we suggest restringing in the beginning of year, and each and every 7 days following that until eventually year finishes to keep a consistent stringbed.

six. What string is most strong?

The most strong string on the industry is monofilament or polyester having said that, this comes at a price tag. Normally when you string your racquet with polyester it’s heading to be extremely organization and eliminate rigidity a lot quicker than any other style of string. The finest option for enhanced toughness is to use a solid core synthetic gut. This offers a center floor amongst normal gut softness and polyester firmness, but with far better toughness and rigidity maintenance.

7. I need to have far more management or power, what rigidity/string must I use?

Tension and strings must go hand-in-hand when you are selecting on the appropriate kinds for your sport. Whether you are seeking far more management or power from your stringbed, there’s three most important methods to choose from.

  • Check out a thicker gauge dimension. Just heading up in thickness for a string could make the distinction for your racquet and help insert far more management. No need to have to more than consider about switching to a unique string, and you’ll get one thing you get pleasure from hitting with.
  • Check out a increased rigidity. Like I claimed just before, increased rigidity normally outcomes in far more management. Just bumping up your rigidity 4-five lbs . can make the distinction amongst a ball heading long and landing five toes shorter.
  • Check out a unique string style. Most players imagine that switching immediately to polyester string is the reply for far more management and/or power. This is not correct. If you are using a normal gut or multifilament string, you are following finest option is basically synthetic gut. And if you are a current polyester consumer, you may possibly want to try out experimenting with a non-polyester monofilament string. These solutions give you far more management, but with out the harshness of a polyester string.

Polyfibre Tennis String Gauge breakdown

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8. What are the differences amongst the gauges?

A gauge is referring to the thickness of the string. Most strings will vary from 15g – 20g or one.05 mm – one.35 mm. The increased the gauge number on the package deal, the thinner the string will normally be and vice versa. In case in point, a 17g would be one.25 mm and a 16g would be one.thirty mm. Thinner strings tend to give far more power, truly feel and spin possible, but the thicker string will give far more management and toughness. Not each and every manufacturer has the same thicknesses of string, so constantly be absolutely sure to browse the package deal just before obtaining.

9. Why do multifilament strings fray?

Multifilaments are a style of string that is comprised of several particular person string filaments getting wrapped or braided collectively into a solitary strand. As you perform, your strings will start to rub in opposition to every other and the best levels start to crack. The base levels will stay intact until eventually you dress in them down. The far more friction you cause from the strings transferring throughout every other, the quicker the strings will crack.

ten. What is the finest string on the industry?

There is no “one finest string” that is best for absolutely everyone to buy. Each player will have a distinction in viewpoint and that is ok. All manufacturers will try out to say they have the finest strings on the industry, but it’s all about what is offering the speediest not what is basically good for players.


With any luck , these concerns and responses can help you the following time you are thinking about stringing your racquet. Just try to remember to constantly exam out numerous strings and tensions until you come across a person that matches your sport. Not absolutely everyone can perform with the same string,— and that is a-ok.

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